You can live like a god (or just a celebrity) in the Mt. Olympus neighborhood of Los Angeles. High in the Hollywood Hills with killer views of the city, this 1960s community is full of unique modern homes beloved by families and couples alike.


The location of this neighborhood can’t be beat. The world famous Sunset Strip is just a 5 minute drive, twenty minute jog or ten minute rollerblade, whatever you’re into. The neighborhood high on a hill is close to some of the most renowned dining and nightlife destinations in the country. With easy access to Hollywood, Downtown, Beverly Hills and even the west side, this perfectly situated area will allow you the opportunity to experience all that Los Angeles has to offer. Despite its convenient location, the surrounding canyon keeps it quiet and serene. Adjacent to the historic Laurel Canyon neighborhood and other secluded Hollywood Hills zip codes, this beautiful area offers densely-forested canyons, steep hills, and rocky promontories with amazing views out over LA. It’s easy to forget you’re so close to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.


The homes of Mt. Olympus have retro charm with all the modern amenities.The public utility electrical power lines on the whole mountain are all underground with no ugly electric poles in sight obstructing your views, all the main sewer lines on the mountain are newer and streets are wide with sidewalks perfect for walking the dog and training for that marathon! No other neighborhood in the hills has this luxury, so if safety is your goal, Mt. Olympus is for you. The lots themselves are also wide, offering plenty of parking (some homes have up to 25 spots!).

The Homeowners Association of the neighborhood also does its part to retain the charm while allowing for modern upgrades in the 406 homes located there. The organization restricts heights of new homes and planting of tall trees so everyone’s views are guaranteed. Security cameras are located at the entrance of the community to monitor all cars that enter and exit, and new, bright street lights were added for increased safety. Keeping residents safe in this secluded neighborhood is a priority for all.


Mt. Olympus is a hotspot for developers to purchase, gut, and flip these fantastic homes, making this the perfect time to get in the door! Whether you want to purchase a forever home for you and your family, or looking for a fun flipping project, take a look at this hip hood.


You might not find Zeus lurking on this Olympus, but numerous other celebrities have made this their home. Producer and heiress Megan Ellison famously purchased a 30-million “super-villain’s lair” home high up on the mountain, with sweeping views down into the city.  This epic residence features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two guest apartments, and heated balconies and terraces, plus about three acres of land, a pool and grotto, volleyball court, parking for 25, and its own private street. The home has been featured in numerous commercials and TV spots, including the 2009 blockbuster “I Love You, Man,” as Lou Ferrigno’s home.

Other celebrities spotted on the mountain include Nichole Sherizinger of The Pussycat Dolls, Melody Brown of the Spice Girls, actress Carmen Electra, and celebrity personality Rob Derdyk.


Even celebrities who don’t own homes here can appreciate it’s beauty. Queen Bey herself, Beyonce, shot her music video for “Why Don’t You Love Me” at a 1967 Mt. Olympus house that was designed by mid-century master Hal Levitt. The home was also the setting for Elvis Presley’s final film, the neighborhood has everybody singing Viva Mount Olympus!

For Hollywood Hills beauty and retro-modern charm, you can’t beat Mt. Olympus. Driving up the canyon is a pleasure with the wide, less winding roads  with ample parking is inspiring enough to pack up and find your own home among the gods.

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