Dr. Ellis Beesley

Dr. Ellis Beesley
September 4, 2020

To whom it may concern, I have known Ahmed Mirza for over 20 years as he has assisted me as my realtor with several residential and income properties. Ahmed’s genuinely friendly and hands-on personality is a great asset when it comes to negotiating, persuading, keeping commitments and closing escrows with no legal liabilities after the close. I have found him to be an expert in his field with his time-honored experience he brings a tremendous amount of care and concern with him. He has always more than looked out for my best interest in all my transactions. I not only find Ahmed to be honest and trustworthy, I also find him to be reliable, hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to make certain I receive the best possible offers and purchase prices on my purchases. He does not just sell you a property and vanish.

Recently, Ahmed listed and sold my home at 322 Lorraine Blvd in Hancock Park. My home sold quickly and for a considerably higher than asking price with a very smooth transaction. Prior to coming on the market, Ahmed interviewed different organizing/packing, estate sale and painting companies selecting one of each and managed the entire process for three months prior to going on the market to get the home market ready which we could not have accomplished without his help. In doing so, he created the best presentation of my home in order to obtain a purchase price over the asking price.

Prior to the close of escrow of Lorraine property, Ahmed located a terrific duplex that includes a 3rd rental unit above the garage assisting me with the purchase of my new home that produces very good income from two rental apartments.

Ahmed also pinpointed a four-plex and negotiated a great deal for me which I purchased utilizing the gains from the Lorraine property. I was not sure I really wanted to do this, however he explained the benefits to me, and so I agreed. This property generates very high rents for me. The four-plex had one fixer and one vacant apartment when I purchased it. Within seven days Ahmed rented the vacant unit for the highest price and is helping me remodel the fixer unit at no charge. The income from the three units pays the entire mortgage and the fourth units income will is my profit.

I could have not accomplished any of this without Ahmed’s perseverance, hard work, devotion, and people skills.

I recommend Ahmed Mirza to everyone I know.

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