Hancock Park

Long before Beverly Hills and Bel-Air became glamorous enclaves of the most illustrious members of LA society, Hancock Park was THE locale for Southern California’s early titans of industry. Landmarks and institutions bear the names of the first families who lived in this beautifully preserved section of old LA: Chandler, Huntington, Crocker, Ahmanson, Van de Kamp, Doheny. In the early 1900s, oil tycoon George Hancock looked to replace his failing oil wells with other revenues. He began to develop his land, setting extravagant dollar minimums on construction and demanding that homes be built at least 50 feet from the street.

Hancock Park Homes

The gorgeous vintage architecture of Paul Williams, A.C. Martin and Alexander Chisholm, framed by wide, sweeping lawns and lush mature trees, is easily visible to passers by. These and other renowned architects of the era designed residences in Tudor Revival, English Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Mediterranean Revival, Monterey Revival, American Colonial Revival and more styles for influential members of Los Angeles society.

Today, 86% of the homes within its borders are recognized as historic contributors. Under the watchful eye of Homeowner Associations dedicated to preserving the elegance of these properties, Hancock Park has maintained the charm and integrity its founders envisioned. The prestigious Wilshire Country Club and nearby Los Angeles Tennis Club lie within Hancock Park’s borders of Melrose, Rossmoore, Wilshire and Highland. The Marlborough School for girls is one of the finest private schools in the city, and is also the site of a lively public summer camp series. While public schools here are better than most, given the vigorous contributions of parents, many prefer the many nearby private schools. Close by, Larchmont Village is a favorite destination for young people wanting an independent outing among the shops and cafes. An excellent farmer’s market is held every Saturday morning and includes many craft vendors. La Brea Avenue, known for its cutting-edge fashion and design, is a main corridor of access to freeways serving every part of Los Angeles. Hancock Park’s central location has huge appeal for those who work downtown and in nearby Hollywood.

Windsor Square, located on the eastern border, is so closely identified with Hancock Park that many think it is part of the neighborhood, and their histories are closely linked. Its founders, inspired to create a tranquil park setting for affluent family homes, envisioned an open English countryside, where one lot extended to another without fences or barriers. Great care has been shown over time to sustain this vision and feeling.