West Hollywood

West Hollywood is known for its style, vibrant social life, and social activism. All these factors are key to its appeal as a place to live and play. Demographics play unique a part in shaping West Hollywood. It has the highest concentration of gay residents in the city, a group of educated, creative, professional, proud and civic-minded people dedicated to promoting a responsible lifestyle that’s both inclusive and non-discriminating. Their pride is evident in the myriad of cultural events organized by an active Arts and Culture Affairs group, and a progressive city government known for its leadership in social justice legislation. One of the nation’s first mandatory green building ordinances was passed here. Devotion to health and wellness doesn’t stop with humans. This very pet-friendly town was the first to outlaw the declawing of cats. This dedication to cultural unity, diversity, social justice and celebration adds value to the experience of living in West Hollywood.

West Hollywood Homes

The walkable grid layout makes it easy to stroll to attractions, shopping and restaurants. Small lots, charming, well-kept homes and meticulous gardens reflect the creativity and pride residents here feel. The Norma Triangle, West Hollywood Height and West Hollywood residential areas are all in high demand. The Bird Streets and Hollywood Hills West showcase some of LA’s finest innovative architecture (sometimes called “trophy houses”), making them among the most coveted areas in town. West Hollywood’s central location, bordered by the Hollywood Hills to the north, Beverly Hills to the west, and the Fairfax district to the south, affords easy access to nearby attractions.

The major thoroughfares have plenty to offer without having to travel far. The renowned Sunset Strip is legendary for its past, as home to movie stars, and its legendary ‘60s rock scene, still alive and vibrant today in venues like the Whiskey A Go Go and The Roxy. Hotels, shops and cafes along the strip are among the top places to see and be seen: Chateau Marmot, The Standard, The Mondrian, and Andaz. Sunset Plaza is great for people-watching in the many outdoor cafes, as shoppers cruise the designer boutiques. Santa Monica Boulevard, with its broad green median strip, is the site of public art throughout the year. It is also the home of the biggest Halloween Parade in the country.

West Hollywood has made its mark on the world stage as an interior design and fashion center, with Robertson and Doheny Drive as its main arteries. The Pacific Design Center, the crowning jewel of this community, is the ultimate facility for design showrooms, lectures, cultural events and parties, like the lavish yearly bash thrown by Elton John on Oscar night to benefit his AIDs foundation. The Arts and Cultural Affairs committee keeps the excitement going all year round with summer music festivals and Shakespeare in the local parks.