Sunset Plaza

At Sunset Plaza, we have almost 100 years of experience and insight to create the perfect customized, personalized shopping experience for you. All of our quality businesses have been updated and improved since we first opened in 1924 to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

As the first commercial development on the Sunset Strip, Sunset Plaza has evolved over the years into the shopping area it is today. With over 50 stores, restaurants, spas and more sprawled out over two blocks, any shopper can find all the services they need in one place. This convenience allows you to have the best shopping experience, as you don’t have to drive all over the Los Angeles area; instead, do it right at Sunset Plaza.

The colorful storefronts entice customers by showcasing clothes, jewelry, toys and more; window shopping alone is a pleasure. Each business exudes its own personality and charisma with individual tastes flourishing at each establishment. Our great staff and in-depth knowledge of the services we provide surpass any other shopping area.