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THE grass is greener where you water it – or where you use this cheap kitchen ingredient.

You no longer have to spend unnecessary amounts of money on maintaining your lawn.


Page said sprinkling sugar on your grass can help solve many of your lawn’s problemsCredit: Getty

Instead, Jordan Page, the “Fun Cheap or Free Queen,” revealed how she uses sugar to keep her lawn greener than ever.

For just a few dollars, she explained that white table sugar could solve many of your lawn’s problems, rather than spending between $300-$500 on weeding and fertilizers.

Sugar also helps feed the beneficial microbes, insects, and worms within the grass, which would usually be killed by fertilizer.

These microbes and insects help to improve the soil structure, increase photosynthesis, and provide resistance to extreme climates.

Typically costing around $4, sugar is both super cheap and super easy to apply to your lawn.

Page said you don’t have to be precise and use a spreader, but instead, the gardening expert recommended using an old juice container with a wide mouth to shake out the sugar.

She advised that you can’t use “too much” sugar, but typically you will want to use a 5 lb bag for every one thousand feet of lawn.

Page also recommended applying sugar several times during your first year of the process to help make up for years of chemical damage.

After applying the sugar, she said to simply just wet down your lawn.

Other than making your grass extra green, she said sugar is also beneficial for the environment.

Unlike fertilizers which can contain harsh chemicals, Page said the sweet kitchen ingredient is all-natural and won’t risk damaging the soil.

Lucky for parents, the “Fun Cheap or Free Queen” said that sprinkling sugar in your yard won’t cause any problems for kids or pets with allergic reactions.

Page said you will typically want to use a 5 lb bag for every one thousand feet of lawn

Sugar helps feed beneficial microbes, insects, and worms